Transporting Electronic Devices

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The packing experts at US Express understand how delicate many electronic devices are. Not to mention how expensive they can be. Electronic devices can be easily damaged as they are being packaged and/or transported for a move. Here’s how to keep all your electronic devices fully safe during your big move.



Make sure to always back up and save all your important documents, photos, music, or anything else important to you before you start the packing process. This gives you a boon in case any damage occurs during the move – which it shouldn’t, if you follow these tips.


Packing Materials

Make sure to get sturdy boxes slightly larger than the electronic device you’re placing into it. Always use an item’s original packaging if you have saved it. You will also need strong packing tape to ensure that the boxes remain shut during the move, as well as anti-static packing materials like bubble wrap. Electronics are extra sensitive to static, so make sure that your packing material is all anti static. Also, get packing blankets and plastic wrap to minimize any potential scratches or damages to the items. If you don’t want to purchase any of these, towels and sheets can be great packing insulators.


Wire Organization

Make sure to wrap all cords and wires neatly and label them so you can easily sort which cord out for their corresponding devices. Make sure to instead of placing all of your cords and remote controls in a single box, place cords in the same box as their matching device.


Temperature Mindfulness

Electronics are susceptible to super hot temperatures, so you might want to take them with you in your vehicle rather than stored with the rest of your belongings on a moving truck. If you’re taking printers, make sure to remove all ink cartridges, as these are extremely delicate and sensitive to high temperatures, and if they explode, they can ruin your printer – not to mention all the other items packed with it.


Vigilant Labeling

Once you’ve safely packed all your electronics and cords, make sure to clearly label them as Fragile, or to carry a box a certain side up. It can also help to clearly write ‘PACK LAST’ on these boxes, so you can avoid the possibility of them being crushed by other boxes inside the truck. If you’re still nervous about transporting your electronics, we highly recommend utilizing the talents of a professional packing service with vast experience in safely transporting all manners of delicate items, including household electronics.


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