Making room for a baby in a small apartment

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The accouterments involved with raising a baby can cause an already small apartment to be quite cramped indeed. Here’s some tips from the experts at US Express on how you can save space to help make room for raising an infant.


Switch Tables with Dressers

Any object that consists of a surface with empty space under it can be transformed into a handy storage space -with the same amount of floor coverage. If you don’t want to buy a dresser, simply buy stackable storage bins and stack them underneath furniture with room beneath them in order to keep supplies that correspond to what room you most commonly need them in.



We recommend getting decorative baskets, or thin and long bins in order to maximize your storage space. By having supplies contained neatly together in boxes, you will make your space much less cluttered and much more manageable. This way you won’t need to add even more storage furniture, and you can make the most of your space.


Remove Closet Doors for Cribs

If there’s a closet in your baby’s room, remove the closet door to help make it a cozy spot to insert a crib into. You can add curtains at the sides for added flair, and of course, use the space underneath the crib to store baby necessities like diapers, pacifiers, bottles, or toys.


Hang Clothes on the Wall

Get wall racks for hanging clothing and shoes. This will help you avoid piling clothes on top of each other, which can become quite cluttered indeed.


Vertical Storage

Buy stackable baskets, decorative shelves with room for bins, totes- or even ceiling hanged storage options; all these tactics can help you make the most of your space, utilizing areas of your home that would normally be empty air.


Change on Dressers

Buy a dresser with a built in baby changing space on top – or even buy a changing table pad to put on top of an existing dresser. Make sure to get a pad that had non-skid undercoating of fabric – or make custom bumper borders at the corners of the dresser top to keep the changing pad in place.


Foldable Baby Furniture

If you haven’t yet purchased high chairs or other furniture meant for your little ones, make sure to buy functional ones that help make the most of your limited space. You can clamp high chairs on the edges of tables or strap them onto chairs, collapse strollers, or even hang indoor swing sets from ceiling rafters or door frames.