Why it’s better to hire a moving company than a truck

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It can be a difficult choice deciding between hiring a moving company and renting a moving truck. Yes, renting a moving truck is cheaper, but also comes with an entire set of physical and emotional stress – as well as carrying some potential hidden costs. Here’s US Express’ guide to why it’s better to hire a moving company than renting a moving truck.


Cost Effectiveness

It might seem cheaper just to rent a truck, however most people don’t factor in the costs of tolls, packing materials, fuel, and of course, the time spent with the entire process. When those aspects are factored in, renting a truck turns out not to be nearly as much of a bargain as it should be.



Since packing and moving is incredibly labor intensive, those who opt to rent a truck and pack and move themselves are going to be taking on major work responsibilities. This may include the calling in of various favors from friends and family. If you have many belongings, or valuable belongings, this can be not only physically exerting, but dangerous. Moving is a technical process, and is best handled by professionals. Amateurs are not insured and bonded like moving companies, and are more likely to damage your property – which will lead to tense awkwardness. Hiring a professional mover helps you avoid all this stress.



It’s much safer to leave the truck driving up to the professionals. Yes driving a truck seems fun, but it’s much, MUCH different than handling a car. Handling a truck on the highway requires a great deal of focus, and skill that can only be cultivated through experience. These vehicles are big, heavy, and unwieldy, and require talent to brake, merge, and turn. Consider that you will be driving this labor intensive and dangerous machine after the arduous task of packing all of your belongings and loading them into the truck. Truck moves are always much better handled by pros.



The majority of professional movers are the busiest during the summer, or on particular days like weekends. So, you’re bound to find some amazing deals if you hire them during other seasons, as well as weekdays. Overall, movers provide way more bang for your buck than renting a car and attempting to undertake the entire move by yourself – hence our recommendation to contact us, the experts at US Express, to handle all of your moving needs.