Moving with a romantic partner

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Let’s say you’re upping the intensity of your relationship and moving in with your partner or significant other. There’s lots to keep in mind when you’re making this choice, so here’s US Express’ tips for making it go smoothly.


Move in Together on the Same Page

Don’t just do it for convenience or cheaper rent. These aren’t good reasons. Have a discussion with your partner about why moving in together will improve your relationship; just make sure you’re on the same page about it.


Choose if you’re going to find a new place, or move into one of your existing abodes

Finding a new place together might help make it feel like you really own your house together, and you can completely compromise on the decoration. Make sure to compromise as you create your living space together, even if it’s a matter of making room in one of your already lived in apartments.


Financial Joint Responsibility

Make sure to share household expenses and determine a financial plan. How will you split grocery costs? Will you split any bills 50/50? Who will be on the lease, and who will pay the utilities?


Create Set Expectations

Make sure to arrange a system for accomplishing chores like taking out the trash, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping. Every couple is different, with some liking to switch these tasks off, and some wanting to be dedicated to just a few. Just make sure to establish steady firm communication about this before moving in together.


Decoration Collaboration

Make sure to find a central ground between the shared aesthetic opinions between the two of you. Ideally you are likely on the same aesthetic page already, but if you’re going to be decorating, make sure to do it in a way that both members of the couple can enjoy and benefit from.


Put both your names on new leases

When signing new leases, put both of your names on it. This helps make the entire process more of an equal, shared, endeavor.


Create your own space

Even when living together, it’s important to create your own private work space in the house – this will actually help keep the peace, and help both of you retain a healthy sense of individual identity.


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