Last Minute Packing Tips

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Well you may have procrastinated all the packing that you knew that you had to complete, and now it’s the eleventh hour, and none of your stuff is in boxes. There’s little point to fret or stress, because you need to expend 100% of your mental energy towards getting that stuff all packed up! In this blog post, the expert packers at US Express share with you some of our most trusted tips for last minute packing.


Get your Bearings

Before you start, organize your mind over what objects you need to pack up. Try writing out a checklist over everything you need, based on what room the objects belong in – just to make things easier and more organized.


Ask for Assistance

Ask your friends and family to come on in and give some help assisting you to help packing. Make sure to stockpile the house full of drinks and snacks to keep them refreshed and eager to help.


Packing Supplies

Make sure to purchase or acquire boxes, markers, packing tape, bubble wrap, insulation, and any other materials that you might need to pack. It’s much easier to get all the supplies that you need before you start packing, because it will be harder to resume the packing groove after leaving to re-up your supplies once you’ve already begun it. Don’t worry about over purchasing moving supplies – you can always return unused objects, and it’s better to be over prepared than underprepared.


Only Pack what you Need

Create separate boxes for garbage, and for donations, and as you pack, sort out which of your belongings you want to keep, give away, or throw out. This can be doubly helpful if you’re a borderline hoarder. If you come across any items or objects that you don’t need or use, simply put it in these two boxes. You’ll be a lot happier when you realize that your new place will be a lot less cluttered.


Clothing Organization

Set apart clothing that you will need in the coming days, and create a second area full of clothes that you will need in the coming weeks. Put that second collection of clothes in an easily accessible bag, suitcase, box, or container so that you won’t have to aggressively search for it when you arrive at your new location. Any other clothing can simply go into large bags or boxes – and make sure to give away any clothes you no longer wear!


Box for Essentials

Designate separate boxes for items that you will need to use as soon as you arrive at your new location including toothbrushes, toiletries, towels, electronics chargers, lights, coffee pots, etc. This box can be added to until you leave, because the likelihood is that you’ll still be using some of these items while you pack.


Snacks and Entertainment

Make sure that you can play music that everyone helping you pack can agree on. Music can put you in a productive trance that helps your packing move along faster and with more precise efficiency. We also recommend including a bunch of healthy and fun snacks to refuel you and your helper’s energy – ideas include popcorn, fruit, granola bars, or any other favorite treats.


Healthy Time Management

Make sure to set a timer for particular time blocks and pack with extra vigorous energy until you hear it ring. Then set it for about ten or fifteen minutes, take a short break to gather your mind, and set the timer for another hour. By taking regularly spaced out breaks, you can maintain endurance and energy.


We all know that packing at the last minute isn’t fun (or preferable) but by following these strategies, you can have it all done way before your movers arrive. And if you still feel lazy, the expert moving technicians at US Express are prepared to provide full packing and unpacking services, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.


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