Moving with a romantic partner

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Let’s say you’re upping the intensity of your relationship and moving in with your partner or significant other. There’s lots to keep in mind when you’re making this choice, so here’s US Express’ tips for making it go smoothly.


Move in Together on the Same Page

Don’t just do it for convenience or cheaper rent. These aren’t good reasons. Have a discussion with your partner about why moving in together will improve your relationship; just make sure you’re on the same page about it.


Choose if you’re going to find a new place, or move into one of your existing abodes

Finding a new place together might help make it feel like you really own your house together, and you can completely compromise on the decoration. Make sure to compromise as you create your living space together, even if it’s a matter of making room in one of your already lived in apartments.


Financial Joint Responsibility

Make sure to share household expenses and determine a financial plan. How will you split grocery costs? Will you split any bills 50/50? Who will be on the lease, and who will pay the utilities?


Create Set Expectations

Make sure to arrange a system for accomplishing chores like taking out the trash, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping. Every couple is different, with some liking to switch these tasks off, and some wanting to be dedicated to just a few. Just make sure to establish steady firm communication about this before moving in together.


Decoration Collaboration

Make sure to find a central ground between the shared aesthetic opinions between the two of you. Ideally you are likely on the same aesthetic page already, but if you’re going to be decorating, make sure to do it in a way that both members of the couple can enjoy and benefit from.


Put both your names on new leases

When signing new leases, put both of your names on it. This helps make the entire process more of an equal, shared, endeavor.


Create your own space

Even when living together, it’s important to create your own private work space in the house – this will actually help keep the peace, and help both of you retain a healthy sense of individual identity.


Why it’s better to hire a moving company than a truck

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It can be a difficult choice deciding between hiring a moving company and renting a moving truck. Yes, renting a moving truck is cheaper, but also comes with an entire set of physical and emotional stress – as well as carrying some potential hidden costs. Here’s US Express’ guide to why it’s better to hire a moving company than renting a moving truck.


Cost Effectiveness

It might seem cheaper just to rent a truck, however most people don’t factor in the costs of tolls, packing materials, fuel, and of course, the time spent with the entire process. When those aspects are factored in, renting a truck turns out not to be nearly as much of a bargain as it should be.



Since packing and moving is incredibly labor intensive, those who opt to rent a truck and pack and move themselves are going to be taking on major work responsibilities. This may include the calling in of various favors from friends and family. If you have many belongings, or valuable belongings, this can be not only physically exerting, but dangerous. Moving is a technical process, and is best handled by professionals. Amateurs are not insured and bonded like moving companies, and are more likely to damage your property – which will lead to tense awkwardness. Hiring a professional mover helps you avoid all this stress.



It’s much safer to leave the truck driving up to the professionals. Yes driving a truck seems fun, but it’s much, MUCH different than handling a car. Handling a truck on the highway requires a great deal of focus, and skill that can only be cultivated through experience. These vehicles are big, heavy, and unwieldy, and require talent to brake, merge, and turn. Consider that you will be driving this labor intensive and dangerous machine after the arduous task of packing all of your belongings and loading them into the truck. Truck moves are always much better handled by pros.



The majority of professional movers are the busiest during the summer, or on particular days like weekends. So, you’re bound to find some amazing deals if you hire them during other seasons, as well as weekdays. Overall, movers provide way more bang for your buck than renting a car and attempting to undertake the entire move by yourself – hence our recommendation to contact us, the experts at US Express, to handle all of your moving needs.


Recycling Moving Boxes

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Ahhh, you’re finally settled in to your new home, and started your new life. Thankfully there was a team of expert moving professionals who did all the hard work for you. But what should you do with all those extra empty moving boxes? You don’t want the trees they were made from to go to waste, right? Here’s some great ideas on how to recycle moving boxes.


Reuse Them

Since moving boxes are usually sturdy, reuse them for storage for items like holiday decorations, clothing only for certain seasons, or random ephemera. Just make sure to label them once you have restored them.


Give them away

If you know any friends or family who are about to move or are placing items in storage, give these boxes to them. Another possibility is sending these boxes to charities, who often need to box and deliver donations. You can also post on Craigslist to list these boxes for a free giveaway.



Create a clubhouse for your kids, dogs, or cats. Do fun craft projects, transforming boxes into puppets, floor pads, planters, or painted creative boxes. Kids might want to help as well, which helps them feel more comfortable settling into their brand new home.



Many sites allow for the sale of moving boxes – check out the U-Haul online forum, or ask local moving companies or shippers if they will buy or resell your moving boxes.


Recycle Them

Most local governments have programs to assist you recycle all sorts of moving materials. Look for a free stuff area, or simply tie the boxes up with rope and leave them outside for the recycling officials to pick up.



The process of composting has been widely taken up in many cities, allowing for fertile soil to be layered on top of already existing dirt or grass – which utilizes lots of newspaper and cardboard. SImply find your local community garden, and ask if they could use boxes for compositing.