Best DIY Packing Materials

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If you’re preparing for a move, you probably are concerned with saving money. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire a moving service – but it does mean that you should be aware of the many ways that you can save money with DIY packing materials. Here’s our choices for the best readily available packing materials that cost minimal, if any, amounts of your hard earned cash.



Cardboard boxes can be easily found at any neighborhood liquor store – they’ll give them to you for free!



Keep our clothing in your dresser drawers, and simply cover them with Press and Seal material to keep them in place during the move.


Trash Bags

Simply cram all your clothes with hangers intact in a giant heavy duty garbage bag. Most bags fit at least 10 items.

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Fixing Walls and Floors when Moving

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During moves, sometimes damage to floors or walls occur. Even if these situations aren’t wanted ever, there’s good news; many of the common injuries that floors or walls suffer during moves can be easily repaired through DIY techniques. Here’s our guide to some quick fixes.



If your walls are showing signs of wear with any size of hole (common in any home, even if you didn’t cause the damage) simply get some spackle and sandpaper. Apply the spackle to the holes using a putty knife, and after it dries, sand it down until the wall has a smooth surface again. If the hole is large, fill out the hole with a mesh repair piece or plaster piece, then apply the spackle and sand it down as usual.



If color has bleeded onto your wall from furniture or scrapes, simply use a magic eraser. Soak the eraser in water, squeeze out all the excess moisture so it doesn’t drip everywhere, and rub it on the stain applying steady pressure. Then dry off the wall with a clean towel. If you can’t find a magic eraser, usually normal dish soap should work fine, but it may require a bit more manual muscle work when rubbing the stain off.




The best way to get rid of stains si by applying a stain removal solution. Depending on the stain, you may want to use a different kind of solution. They can be made of anything from dish soap, baking soda, acetone, or ammonia. If the stain is very stubborn, rent a heavy duty carpet cleaner and apply it to the stain.


Warped and displaced carpets

If your carpet has been yanked outside of its metallic border, remove the old border, replace it, and attach the carpet to the new one. If the carpet is fraying, replace the carpet patch – but if the damage is smaller than just an inch, don’t worry – it likely won’t affect the structure of the carpet itself.


Damaged Areas

In many cases, you may have to cut out the damaged part of the carpet and replace it with a patch or plug. It’s best to make plugs out of remaining pieces of the original carpet, but if you can’t do that, simply use a piece from part of the carpet that normally sits under furniture that never gets moved. Very exactly cut off the plug and place it in the damaged area so that the naps of the two pieces of carpet are running in the same direction, making them look like a single piece.