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Moving Day in New Jersey

If you’re preparing to move with some advance time, it’s best to do so with a handy amount of preparation. In this blog post I’ll list some essential considerations to pay attention to which will help make your move much more efficient and pleasant – study them before you pick your moving day!

What’s your budget?

If you want to accomplish your move by spending as little cash as possible, you’re going to need to schedule your move on a slower moving day. As a general rule, weekends are the most busy, and incur the highest rates – this also applies to the 1st and the 15th of the month when most people get paid. As another general rule, September through the middle of May is generally a slower, and cheaper moving month. So if you can, schedule your move on a weekday during these months.

What time of day do you want to  move?

The idea of moving as early in the morning as possible appeals to many people. The reasoning is that once the truck is loaded and prepared, the rush hour traffic will have already been completed. This still might not make morning an ideal time for you. Let’s say you have a school bus stop in front of your building – you certainly don’t want the truck to be scheduled to arrive until after all the waiting children are gone. Let’s say you live above a store or restaurant that  gets a regular truck shipment in the morning – you don’t want to block their entry with a moving truck, which can cause stress and cost time. Daily timing should be a major factor in scheduling your move.

Do you have a day off?

Is it possible you could take a personal day off work, or schedule your move for a day you won’t have work? Consider how much better the rates are during the middle of the week and whether that’s worth missing a day of work. If you do have off, consider if you have the entire day off, or just a part of it – is it possible you could complete your move in the morning, and arrive for the afternoon shift?


How big is your move?

Small studio apartments can be packed up, shipped, and moved in a very short amount of time – even on the spot. However a large penthouse or house with lots of personal items will require a large amount of time to pack up safely – if this is the case, you need to allot yourself an entire day to move, and should get started as early as possible.


What’s your children’s school schedule?

Do you want to move while your kids are at home? This may or may not be the best choice, depending on your kid’s age. Small children can certainly get in the way in packing, and have the risk of getting hurt, so it’s usually better to plan the move for when they’re in school and arrange to have them picked up if you’re still busy with the move when they get out. It also may be better for them psychologically to not be present during the move – especially if they’re not thrilled about switching schools or towns.


Consider any Helper’s Schedules

If you have any of your friends or family assisting you with the move, it’s courteous and essential to pay attention to what their schedule is. If your friend can only arrive after work, in the afternoon, don’t have the movers arrive early in the morning. If you’re having someone watch your kids whose only available in the morning to mid afternoon, make sure the movers arrive as early as possible so that your schedules align and run smoothly.


These tips mostly concern the logistics of scheduling – which, although might not be as exciting or flashy as the material aspects of moving over your entire living or working space, is still of primary importance to getting your move completed safely, pleasantly, and smoothly.



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