How to throw an Excellent Housewarming Party

House owner drinking wine at party with his friends

You’ve just moved into your new home, and you couldn’t be more excited. All you want to do is show off your new digs to your friends and family, inviting them to break in your space while simultaneously showing it off. You may be wondering how to throw a truly memorable and fun housewarming party; here’s our suggestions on how to make your party a major win.


Do some advance planning

Make a list of the people you’d want to attend; decide how many people can socialize in your place comfortably. This depends on what sort of party you’re throwing – is it a sit down affair? In that case, think about how many people would fit inside your home sitting down at tables – if it’s a standing party, think about if there’s enough room for everyone to stand comfortably,


Send out all your Invitations

Use email – or even better, for the most part- Facebook to save on paper costs. If you’re using Facebook, make an event page. The best part of this tactic is it has a built in RSVP feature.

Choose the Foods

Once you have a loose idea about the amount of people attending, make a menu. Standing up parties are best served with appetizers and food that’s easy to eat with one’s hands. If you’re having a sit down party, more elegant dishes might be well met. Guacamole is always a good choice in my opinion, for any party. Make sure to offer food or beverages that friends with dietary needs can consume.


Buy the Booze

It’s a good idea to match drinks with the kind of the food that you’re serving. Caviar is well met with champagne, chicken with wine, hot dogs with beer. Make practical choices, unless you’re going all out and want to break the bank for a truly elegant party.


Be a mindful DJ

Create a custom playlist for the party tailored to the exact vibe that you want to impart to the surroundings; this could be a mix of older music, obscure gems, and throwback hits. Music always warms the atmosphere of a party by masking any spaces in conversation, so pay special attention to having the best music possible.


Choose custom Decor

Fill your space with colored lights, candles, flowers, art, or even centerpieces for a theatrical highlight.


Remember to enjoy yourself!

A party isn’t like a United Nations summit; you’re supposed to have fun! Once the party starts, don’t be too concerned with managing its every aspect. If you have fun, people will see you enjoying yourself and begin to enjoy themselves in turn! Relax- it’s your party!


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