Avoiding Homeowner Mishaps

Avoiding Homeowner Mishaps

With Summer’s beautiful warm days, long nights, beach trips, picnics, barbecues, and vacations, it exemplifies the season of leisure and enjoyment. Even though summer is a time for relaxation and fun, it’s important for all homeowner’s to have awareness of the seasonal risks that could end up resulting in financial debt. In this blog entry, we’ll cover some of the homeowner risks that are associated with summer, that can help you avoid any inconveniences.

Don’t be the target of burglars

It’s lovely to keep your windows open during the Summer to let a cool breeze float through your home. However, open windows and doors can be a temptation for patrolling burglars, and can result in criminal theft. Since homes are usually targeted when homeowners are not there, theft is definitely possible when people are home – but the windows and doors are left open. Since windows are often left open in the summer (or even unlocked,) homeowner’s can put themselves at risk for burglary. If you leave any of your windows or doors open, make sure that you keep any expensive items like jewelry or electronics far out of sight.


Get your home vacation ready

If you’re leaving home for a long amount of time, make sure to turn off plumbing valves on the washing machine, make sure that any pumps have fresh backup batteries, and that any expensive electronics are on electrical-surge protectors just in case that there’s a lightning storm, or any sort of flood or fire. It can also be helpful to have a friendly neighbor or friend check the home once in awhile to make sure that everything is alright. Also, it can help to put your lights on a timer to give off the appearance that somebody is home.

Respect Water

Make sure to always be attentive of any swimming children – consider installing motion activated alarms that will sound in case someone falls into the water during unprescribed swim time. It’s a good idea for families to install fencing around the pool in order to prevent any local kids from sneaking in to swim, and accidentally getting hurt – which could become a technical liability for the homeowner.


Respect Fire

Be careful around fireworks – it’s best to leave these pyrotechnics to professionals. Most home fires and injuries every summer are caused by firework mishaps; it’s safest to avoid trying to put on a home show, and enjoy one of the (even bigger and brighter) more professional shows happening closest to your area. Make sure that any sort of camp or bonfire is constantly observed, especially if it’s in an indoor fireplace, or if there are any small children around.


Make sure your home insurance is updated

Be aware of what your family or home insurance covers, just so you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your household is covered and protected.


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